Why People Visit London

There are so many reasons people decide to visit the incredible city of London, if you are a first time visitor you will most probably be very interested in the tourist attractions this city has to offer. Whether you take a female companion with you or not, there’s lots of places that you need to see!

Our article today is a handy list of must see locations & spots in London; places ideal for every tourist. So if you’re asking yourself why people visit London; just read this guide and you will see the point of taking a journey to UK’s capital.

Mandatory tourist spots in London

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Image of Buckingham Palace

If you haven’t experienced any of the tourist attractions in London then you really are missing out, one of the most famous buildings on the planet never mind London lies in this city, The Buckingham Palace. While in the city why not take a tour of this incredible building that is extremely rich in history.

As the home of the queen and the guard, Buckingham Palace is practically mandatory for anyone who wants to see London. All year round events are run to show of some of the more elaborate parts of the palace, including the state rooms and other glamorous sights to see. Typically you can spend a few hours here without getting bored, so it’s a great place to be for a tourist.


Big Ben & the Elizabeth tower

Big Ben & Elizabeth tower picture

Image of Big Ben & the Elizabeth Tower

The Elizabeth tower & the Big Ben clock residing within it are easily some of the most iconic monuments in London. While at the moment of this post update (December 2016) Big Ben tours are discontinued, expect to see them up and running again in 2016.

While a Big Ben tour is definitely a positive part of London’s experience and history, we think you’ll be okay just grabbing a coffee and admiring it from afar. Get some selfies with the clock in, why don’t you?


London Eye

London Eye picture

Marvelous photograph of the London Eye

Out of all of the tourist traps in the world, the London Eye has to be one of the most prominent and significant. Grab a ticket, hop in your pod, and spend 30 minutes slowly revolving over the top of London. If you are the type to bandwagon on to the tourist trap spots and you like slow moving fairground rides; the London eye is for you.

Personally, we don’t think it’s for anyone else. The view from atop the Shard hotel is far superior and more enjoyable, and you can get off any time that you want. Still, the London Eye is a mandatory part of anyone’s first trip to London.


Natural History Museum

Inside the Natural History Museum

Image of the Natural History Museum interior

The Natural history museum is filled with interactive exhibits and exciting activities to partake in, it’s a really eventful day if you visit. The best part? It’s all learning! Brush up on the dinosaurs, learn about the latest and greatest breakthroughs in science; there’s an absolutely endless list of things to do at the Natural History Museum.

Initially we didn’t think the Natural History Museum deserved to be on this list of “why people visit London” spots, however we really do think it deserves a place on the list. It’s an often overlooked exhibition in the capital and we think they should get more business! It’s even got artsy type stuff for those who are averse to science!


Tate galleries

Outside the Tate gallery building London

Image of the Tate London exterior

Last time we checked the comtemporary Tate galleries in London are by far the most historic and valued paintings available to the public. Art lovers, come together! If you are enjoying your time in London and have a penchant for beautiful art and the most esteemed gallery franchise ever to hit the UK, the Tate is for you.

We like the Tate because all 4 of their galleries across the UK follow the same modern style, it’s impressive, clean, and perfect for a day of gazing into famous painters minds. Don’t plan a visit to the Tate, just let it happen and enjoy the experience.


Hyde Park

Image of Diana's Memorial Walk Plaque

Image of Diana’s Memorial Walk Plaque

No visit to London is complete without a stroll through Hyde Park, out of all of the Royal Parks in London it is indeed the best & most beautiful. There’s even some interesting landmarks inside to find and check out! Bring your camera, take the Diana memorial walk and have fun.

Hyde Park doesn’t cost a penny and it’s easily one of London’s top monuments, make sure you hit it before you leave the city! You can thank us for it later.


Tower of London

Tower of London exterior photo

Photograph of the Tower of London, outside

The Tower of London is a bit more family oriented and therefore may not be your cup of tea when you are entertaining one of your fabulous London courtesans, but it’s definitely one of the top tier London attractions to buy a ticket to.

Hey, maybe your escort is interested in the history of the crown jewels & climbing the battlements of the fortress? That’s something we’d like to see! Ahem. The Tower of London is a great place to go if you find the history of peasants, kings, and bloody battles interesting.


Trafalgar Square

Aerial photo of Trafalgar Square

Aerial photo of Trafalgar Square

While arguably not a monument or attraction, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus are must see parts of London. I don’t think you’ll be allowed to leave the country without taking some time to take in the surrounding galleries and urban heritage. Really, if you’re making a day out of London and want to get in everything worth seeing in one day, Trafalgar Square should be one of your first stops.

The best part about visiting Piccadilly Circus and the square is the veritable fountain of different statues and moments dotted around the local area. Just have a wander!


Evening accommodation in London for tourists

London is also famous for having some of the most high class establishments the country has to offer so if you’re looking for luxury then are certainly in the right place. So if you planning a trip to the capital city you’re going to need some accommodation and London is littered with high class or 5 star hotels throughout the city. With hotels like The Savoy Hotel, W London Leicester Square, Montcalm Hotels and Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard to just name a few, all these hotels that have been listed are all 5 star establishments so you know when attending these hotels you are going to be provided with the best service possible.

Shard Tower Hotel picture

Image of the top of the Shard, what a beautiful hotel building

Where do we recommend to stay overnight in London?

We’re going to have to go with the Shard, the views from the taller rooms are both breathtaking and incredible. What’s more,  you can plan your entire stay in London just by looking out your window and seeing the view!

What’s more this is a great spot to set up an outcall booking. Gentlemen looking for a nice room to stay in with their companion will find the Shard very hospitable.


Need London escorts?

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London escort Models companion

Image of one of the high class escorts at the London-Escort-Models-UK

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Cheap – Deluxe London Escorts

Deluxe London Escorts photograph

Image of one of the Deluxe London escorts

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Wild Card – London-Selection

London-Selection escort picture

One of the escorts from London-Selection

Brand new London escort service London-Selection are new to the industry and we thought we’d give them a mention because they will be hard to find anywhere else right now! This is a new untested agency trying to get started off the ground. While we haven’t personally had the opportunity to see one of their ladies yet, we have a party booked next week and we’ve inviting several of the London-Selection girls to come and join in the fun.

Recommended by an industry expert, we recommend London-Selection to the punters who like to try out fresh providers on the local London scene.


Conclusion – We know why people visit London

If you’ve made it this far, you should be aware of London’s best spots & tourism traps by now. You now have a good idea of why people visit London. It’s for the escorts! The monuments like Buckingham Palace & the Tower of London are mere attractions to pass the time while you wait for your London escort to arrive!

All jokes aside; we think that London really does have a wealth of activity, one that is best pursued whilst joining by a charming & flirtatious call girl. Try it for yourself, we think you will agree with us!

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