Whitney Houston was a lost to us all

Whitney Houston was a lost to us all, it is such a shame and I am not talking about her death I am talking about when we lost one of the best entertainers that the world has ever know, the sweetest voice of a our generation, she wowed us during the 1980s and 90s, recond after record – back in the days when there where records, album after album, this lady was so good and then bang! Along came Bobby Brown and it all went wrong, Whiteny Houston was no longer Whitey, she wasn’t ever going to be the same and that is where the shame came into it all.

Whitney Houston in The BodyGuard

What has made me think of her, why am I writing this article about her well I am watching The Bodyguard, a 1992 film which starred Whitney and Kevin Costner, it was great an amazing film which also featured an amazing sound track, the songs from this movie where in the charts for weeks and weeks at a time. People just could not get enough of Whitney, she was the darling of the world.

The Bodyguard was a love story, a love story with a little action thrown in. It told the story of Rachael a well known and famous singer who career was being taken to completely new heights by starring in a film.

When this extra fame came a very dangerous situation and that is where Kevin Costner came in.

A photograph of the deceased Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

If you love a good film you will love this one, Whitney was one very good looking lady in her time, in fact I think that any body would have to agree that she was very sexy, if you like sexy female London escorts then Rachaels London Escorts has many for you to visit.

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Whitney wasn’t sexy when she died, she was far far from it, years of drink and drugs abuse had really taken its toll and knocked the light out of her eyes. When she died she wasn’t the Whitney that we all knew, she wasn’t Whitney at all.

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