What is There to do in Northampton

Northampton has always been a city and area that has captivated the interests of millions of people, as there is so much here that you can fall in love with and we don’t just mean the Northampton escorts. You can find places in this gorgeous area to take your date out on like the many luscious gardens, hauntingly historic houses, exceptional restaurants and brilliant places to have a drink or two.

Gorgeous Stately Homes

A photograph of the exterior front of Althorp House

Althorp House

First off you have to visit the many gorgeous gardens that surround this city and are known in summer for stunning beauty, a great example of a historic house with a garden that is simply natural beauty is Althorp house, the house itself has over 13,000 acres of land accommodated with it which is always an exquisite area to take a walk with your chosen Northampton escort as this area is teaming with wildlife. More and more people visit stately homes and Althorp is no exception as beauty is all around you when you visit here, we’re sure that you and your lucky lady will enjoy the day out in this absolutely serene area.

Exceptional Food in Northampton’s Finest Restaurant

A Photograph of the exterior of Nuovo a restaurant in Northampton


When you’ve just about had enough of the upstate houses and looking at someone else’s life, then it must be time to take you and one of the beautiful Northampton escorts out for dinner. There are a lot of restaurants in Northampton that definitely deserve to be in this blog but one of my favourites has to be the Nuovo restaurant, this restaurant is a one of a kind that provides its visitors with live music, excellent drinks and a menu that you really couldn’t put a finger on what type of cuisine is served here. We mostly think this is because it has quite the highly acclaimed chef that serves spectacular meals that you and your chosen Northampton escort will adore.

Drinks Served with a Voracious Smile

A picture of Sarah a Northampton escort from Kristal escorts


Now it’s time for the best part of a day, of course it’s heading to that bar and having a well-deserved drink, to say the least there is one bar that we always have in mind for our ladies on a night out and that has to be AU-RA. Which contains some of the finest cocktails that you could ever wish for as these drinks are some of the best in Northampton, sufficed to say you and your Northampton escort will surly love nothing more than spending a couple of hours in this bar and be served many an impeccable cocktail again and again.

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