What is Authentic Tantra?

Tibetan 5 elementsTraditional Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice which originated in India several thousands of years ago. The Tibetan Five Element Tantric teachings began with the Buddha Shakyamuni nearly 2600 years ago and was practised and refined in the mountains of Tibet for over 1200 years. Due to the teachings being linage based, they were passed down from teacher to student, parent to child in an unbroken sequence.

The teachings that were passed down are ancient shamanistic techniques that were designed to balance, enrich and heal the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body from the inside out. The teachers of the Tibetan Five Elements were known as “The Dakini Lineage” which meanings that the teachings would be historically held and performed only by women.

The Tibetans defined the word Tantra as ‘the practice of weaving light and sound, with form.’ By this definition the theory is, the body represents form. Light represents specific visualisations and sound is represented by chanting syllables. The process of weaving light and sound with form effects the human consciousness, meaning that ultimately you can achieve the full realisation of enlightenment. To achieve enlightenment you would have ‘freedom from suffering.’

The practices carried out are a set of sexual and non sexual methods that create a powerful and effective modality for healing and life transformation. These methods include

  • Taoist sexual yoga practices
  • Tantric Movement practices
  • Non-Violent communication
  • Somatic/Tantric healing principles

The Tibetan Five Elements

A cartoon of a man with a dark cloud over his head

The Tibetan Five Elements are designed to heal the body and mind via addressing the root cause of your suffering. Known as the five root poisons of human emotion, the fives roots are anger, attachment, pride, jealousy and ignorance. These simple 5 root poisons actually afflict over 84000 different emotions. When your emotions are left unaddressed, your emotions can become toxic which creates poisons in your body. This can contribute to physical, mental and emotional illnesses. The huge increase in suicides related to depression for example have been put down to people holding in their emotions causing these toxics to turn into poison.

Are you suffering from sexual dysfunctions? Well sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction can be traced back to suffering. Vaginal pain, unhealthy relationships, depression, anxiety the list goes on. These have be traced back to one or more of these toxic emotions that are seriously effecting people.

A cartoon meditating The Tibetan Five Element practices are both sexual and non sexual. The methods transform these emotional energies in your body and melt away toxic thoughts to release pleasure. The elements can lead to passion, connection and joy in every area of your life.

To practice the this style of tantra you don’t need to become a Buddhist. Authentic Tantra methods are based upon ‘The4 pillars of Authentic Tantra’ being Mediation, Movement, Connection and Pleasure. Each pillar helps you reconnect with your natural state of peace, joy and bliss through getting you to understand trauma, ignorance and cultural conditioning.

The non sexual method of the Tibetan Tantra practice creates motivation for you to obtain freedom from suffering. Whether this maybe suffering of the body, mind and spirit, experiencing enlightenment will benefit you hugely.

The Benefits of Authentic Tantra

As you’ve seen through the processes that come with Authentic tantric there are many benefits that come with the practices. If you are looking to benefit the inner you, authentic tantra causes inner peace and few conflicting thoughts that may cause toxic emotions. Your self esteem will raise with you new found happiness and an increase in your sex drive, desire and passion for love is very noticeable.

Life changing choicesThe outer you also sees huge benefits making you a better person inside and out. If you are looking for a relationship or are currently in a relationship which isn’t working, the practices can lead you to be more intimate and benefit the connection you will have between you and your partner. You will have more energy and creative inspiration as your mind is free from anger and negative thoughts. This can benefit every aspect of your life from career to interactions with people in your everyday life. Finally your life will be filled with more sensual, emotional, physical and sexual pleasure. An authentic tantric experience can change your life.

All of these benefits come about from the healing benefits of the practices. The deeper and fuller soul nourishing that occurs during your experience leads to a greater access to inner joy and heartfelt compassion. The spiritual healing process is a process every single person should undergo at least once in there life.

Bespoke Tantric Massage


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