What do Mayfair escorts do to relax?

What an excellent question.  And because we know all the Mayfair escorts in London that we represent personally, we’ll be happy to let you know the answer.  It might not be what you’d expect!

At the end of the day, we all like to relax after work don’t we?  Even if your work has actually been relaxing in the comfort of a hotel suite, sipping champagne with a charming gentleman!  To start with, you must never think that any of the Mayfair escorts you see listed with us, are in the remotest bit “fed up” with relaxing and drinking champagne.  So you see, many of the girls you see will actually do pretty much the same when they get home as what they’ve been doing during their working hours!  Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of champagne at the end of the day?

However, these Mayfair escorts are likely not to be dressed in an evening dress with stockings and suspenders on.  We hate to shatter your illusions, but we figured that honestly was indeed the best policy.  They’re more than likely going to kick off their heels, take off their stockings and climb into a pair of baggy pyjamas!  Perhaps open a tub of Haagan Dazs ice-cream, knowing full well they’ll work it off in the gym the next morning!

Cultural activities

We know you read it all the time.  You hear that the Mayfair escorts are “cultured and intelligent” no matter which agency website you look on.  However, we’re talking about relaxing here.  And it’s actually true of many of the girls you’ll find at our agency.  You see, when you consider that many of the best young companions in the industry today are actually from other countries, they bring with them their cultural influence.  If you’ve ever been to Europe you will know that you can’t throw a rock without hitting something beautiful, historical and/or artistic.  These Mayfair escorts have been brought up in some of the most artistic and impressive cultures in the world!

So with this in mind, you’ll often find many of the young women we represent, enjoying their time off in one of the many libraries, theatres and museums in London.  There are always fresh and interesting new exhibitions on at all the central cultural attractions like: The Tate Modern, The Victoria and Albert and The British Museum.

Retail therapy

Arguably the favourite pastime of every young woman we think you’ll agree!  Thankfully we are an agency that represents high class companions, so our Mayfair escorts are not short of a penny or two!  They are handsomely rewarded for their services, and when they get a chance to have their own time, they do like to spend!  The best thing for these women is that living in London provides them with the opportunity to indulge their desires at some of the best designer boutiques in the world.

There their true calling of course is to help you relax!  So when all the speculations and truths about Mayfair escorts unwinding has been said and done, relaxation is their business and there’s no one better!  So book these wonderful young creatures today and make sure you have a good night!

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