The Top 3 Elite and High Class London Agencies

Welcome back, or just welcome if this is your first time reading our blog. Today we have an article concerning which of the many high class agencies in London you should choose when you’re planning to spend an evening with one of London’s many model companions. There are so many agencies out there who claim to be high class, model, elite or VIP but it is important to consider which of these is actually the most suitable for what you’re looking for.

Essentially, all of these titles mean more or less the same thing, so we will be treating them all as the same niche for the purpose of this article. We will be working out our top 3 based on the following things

  • What the Agency are about and what they offer
  • Their opening times and how convenient they are
  • Their prices and how reasonable they are
  • The selection of girls available

After this we will be rating each agency out of 10 and explaining why we have rated them this way. We will also choose a girl from their agency based on reviews and recommending which one from each agency we think is the cream of the crop.

Now that we’ve got that over and done with, it’s time to get on to what you all want to know. Which high class agencies in London are the best?

  1. Park Lane Escorts

Park Lane

Park Lane Escorts is an escort agency which favours the more affluent areas of London, such as Park Lane, Kensington, Mayfair and many more. This is a well-established agency with a highly functioning website with good design and a good variety of girls. They offer a very wide variety of girls and for this reason they are most certainly one of the top 3 high class agencies.
They are open 24/7 and this is something we like here, but generally agencies that say they are open 24/7 tend not to be and since we are a little skeptical as to this, we’re going to be dropping a mark or two here, but this certainly isn’t a huge problem and this is still an excellent agency.


Scarlette from Park Lane

For such a huge variety of girls, they don’t seem to have much variety in price. This is unusual for most of the older agencies which tend to have options to fit a variety of budgets. Their girls are almost all £600 for the first hour, with £400 charge for each additional hour. One thing we do like
about Park Lane is that they have clearly put a lot of effort into maintaining the site, every girl comes with a profile description which has been filled out in great detail and this is definitely a boon to anyone looking to book one of the most elite models in London.

For this reason, we’re giving Park Lane a solid 9/10, which is why they have made the top of our top 3 list. As explained above, this is an excellent site with plenty of girls on offer and they clearly put plenty of effort into running their agency well. This is an agency which is particularly prevalent in Mayfair, so we recommend having a look at their Mayfair page which draws in so much attention that can be found at


Our recommended girl from Park Lane is the gorgeous Scarlette, her profile bio says everything you would need to know about her so we won’t bother going into too much depth here. Our reasoning here is that her photographs all look very genuine and not over edited, so you can feel comfortable with booking her and expecting exactly what you see to turn up at your door. Her rates are also some of the lowest on the site, starting at £500 for the first hour and she is one of the few on the site at those prices.

  1. Secrets London

    Homepage of Secrets London Website

    Secrets London – Homepage

Secrets London are an up and coming agency which we are definitely a fan of here. They aren’t the biggest or most established agency out there, but for a new agency they seem to be ticking all of the boxes and this to us shows smart management and a good grasp of what to do in order to run a successful agency. They offer high class models at a variety of prices in a wide variety of locations around London, so let’s get into the details.

Another agency which claims to be open 24/7, although reviews seem to state they can stick to this. This means we are more than happy to keep an open mind about this and not make assumptions, but we would still advise calling at a reasonable time just to be sure.

Secrets London has a surprising range of prices for a newer agency, with individual categories for £300, £400, £500 and £600+ models. This is definitely a welcome feature and allows for people who would like the high class experience but aren’t willing to spend £600 on an hour’s time. This has definitely earned them a few marks and is certainly something we like to see.

Onto the girls, for a newer agency they certainly have no shortage. They have a wide enough variety of girls to categorise and seem to have a good variety that definitely means there’s someone for everyone available here, which is another factor we definitely like to see.

As a whole, we’re going to give this new agency the benefit of the doubt and as such we’re giving them a 8.5/10, which has earned them a spot on the
top 10. So take a look at their selection of some of the most astonishing 24 hour escorts London has to offer. They also have a nice feature which we don’t see often, which is their “Escorts by Hotel” function, which is something unique and nice to see.


Abree is a stunning model companion

Secrets London’s Gorgeous Abree

Our recommended girl from Secrets London is definitely Abree. For a £300 girl she has the model good looks and the reviews that state she is most certainly up there with some of the most established elite escorts in the city. This gorgeous brunette is a welcome addition to the escorts of London and in so far as we can tell, she is exclusive to the team over at Secrets.

  1. Agency Barracuda

    Homepage for Agency Barracuda

    Agency Barracuda Homepage

Barracuda is another new agency which is definitely a great place for you if you’re looking for some of the very best high class models in the London area. They offer incall and outcall encounters all over the city, so wherever you are, you can certainly enjoy a Barracuda model today. This is another agency which seems to be doing all the right things and really put effort into ensuring that their site is as good as it can be.

One thing we do like is that their opening times are particularly clear, from 10am-2am every day. It seems a little careless that they’ve bothered to specify a separate set of times for weekends even though the times are exactly the same, which we will be deducting marks for.

However, Barracuda are going to be earning those marks right back for their clearly marked out prices, showing the first hour’s price right under the girl’s name on the gallery. This is certainly something we like to see and we love the way they’ve laid it out in such a neatly presented and clear way. As for the actual prices, they have a very wide variety and it would be far easier for you to look yourself rather than try to scour the site to cover the exact range.


With regards to the selection of girls available, all it takes is a quick look at their gallery and you will see they’ve pretty much got all bases covered, although unfortunately a bit of carelessness in their labelling of girls is going to drop a few marks from them. This is due to the fact that girls who aren’t really that busty being labelled as busty, wrong hair colours labelled etc. The actual variety is something we can’t complain about though, as they definitely have something for everybody.

We’re going to be giving Barracuda an 8.2/10, which with a bit of improvement on the labelling and a careful look over the site could quite dramatically move them up our rankings. This is definitely a very promising agency and we’re quite excited to see them develop.


Erika will be our recommended girl from Barracuda, she has a gorgeous figure and her photos look like they’ve barely been touched. This is something we love to see and we would definitely recommend her based on reviews from sites like Punternet and The Erotic Review, so you should consider an evening with her if you’re looking for one of the very best in the city.

So it’s time to wrap it up, keep an eye on this post as we will be gradually adding more agencies to this to give you as much information as we can about the services that are available to you. If you’re interested in booking an escort though, it’s important to take note of the essential escort etiquette.

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