The Perfect Knightsbridge Experience

Knightsbridge is one of those places that you go to escape your mundane life and for once (and for a little while) live the life we envision people with money living. It’s one of those places that are well worth going in your Sunday bests and stroll around making everyone think you’re swimming in money. Some people may turn up their noses at the idea of pretending you have money but those people are all lying to your face. There’s nothing better than taking a well-earned vacation and using a Knightsbridge booking service to grab a hotel bargain that will leave you with plenty of cash for a weekend where you forget about everything and just enjoy the lights, the glamour, the sex appeal and the complete freedom to be whoever you want to be in Knightsbridge.

One of the first things you have to do in Knightsbridge is take a gander around Harrods. No one is saying you actually have to buy anything there (unless you’re not pretending to have money at your disposable, in which case have at it) but at least you’ll be able to say that you’ve been. There are so many shops to have fun in that you might forget you’re window shopping and simply enjoy the experience by entering their toy department. The food court actually has very decent food and the music department is a heaven for musicians who just want to be surrounded by the thing they’re most passionate about. Now that Christmas season is upon us get ready to be dazzled Hollywood style with the most incredible and intricate Christmas decorations from all over town. It truly is a winter wonderland in there and a place to simply admire for its beauty. Many young and posh people can be found just strolling around the edifice or meeting for a coffee or a snack.

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