Starting an Agency

Are you thinking of starting a business, then be sure you know exactly what you’re entering before hand. Nature favours those who prepares and will stand you in far greater stead for the long haul. One industry in London that is expanding more than any other is, believe it or not, the escort industry. The market is now so competitive that the need to be recognized amongst a sea of agencies has never been so important. However we’re now living in the 21st century and the days of back page ads and magazines have all but disappeared. Now, where the market place really hots up, is on the internet, the importance for an attractive adult web design and a high position on Google has never been so important.

The serious business, is now done online, with the top websites receiving in excess of 1000 visits a day. The reality is a lot of money for very little work, the only things needed are investment and patience. getting to the top pages of Google doesn’t happen overnight and can take months to develop a relationship and build up the authority to really push for the top positions. The vast majorities of escort agencies fail because they don’t see immediate results and collapse on themselves like a dying star.

Just as you cannot expect instant success, you have to prepared to fight for the customers as most clients will already regularly use a specific agency. So how do you get them? Well you have to offer something that they aren’t getting already, and the best way to do this is by offering a friendly, genuine, reliable and professional escort service, do this and you can’t go wrong.

At Pimp Design, we can help you establish your agency by designing you a website that stands you out from the crowd. By selecting a template from our portfolio of tried and tested designs you can get the quality of bespoke website for the prices of a template. Amazingly our websites start at £399 which is a very competitive price, especially considering the amount of bang you’re getting for your book. All of our websites are built in the latest html5 so it is SEO friendly and easily read by Google. So if you’re interested in starting an agency, then get in touch with any questions you may have and we can get you on your way.

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