Chelsea Nightlife: Booking Party Girl Escorts in Chelsea

I’ve been visiting London for some time now and with my family based in Chelsea I always end up staying there for some time. Chelsea itself is a lovely place to visit and has always been one of the most iconic districts of London for me to visit due to it’s affluent history and many lovely places to sit and eat or have a few drinks.

My most recent experience in Chelsea was spectacular. I went down to visit my family as it was my birthday and after spending a day with them I decided to go and see some of my friends in the area. We decided to rent a few rooms in a hotel called Four Seasons and go out in London for a night out.

The club of choice for the night was “Project“, one of the most stylish clubs in London with a huge reputation for being a hot spot for celebrities and VIP guests; I was sure this was going to be a night I’d never forget… I was right.

Predrinks with Chelsea Escorts

My friend had managed to get us on the guest-list for Project so we suited up and started to have a few drinks, before I knew it there was a knock at the door. I didn’t expect anybody else to come so I was curious as to who it was, I answered my friends door and before me I saw three of the most gorgeous girls I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

“You ordered us?” they said in their posh Chelsea accents, I knew what was happening the minute they spoke. My friend had obviously booked a couple of party-girls in Chelsea to come and show us a good time, I wasn’t going to complain, it was my 25th birthday after all!

I let them in and asked what their names were, one was called “Angel Alicia”, one was called “Angel Alice” and one was called “Angel Clarissa”; they were all seriously stunning, but it was Angel Alicia who really tickled my fancy. Alicia was a brunette babe with a flawless face, amazing breasts and incredible long legs.

We invited them in for a few drinks and cracked open the bottle of champagne. As we got to know them a little more it turns out they were all really friendly and it seemed like they wanted a good night out as much as us, “fantastic!” I thought.

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Clubbing with Escorts in Chelsea, London

It was nearing on 11pm so we got a taxi to Project; waiting for us was a huge bouncer at the door who signed us in as being on the guest list. I entered and heard music pumping from a great sound system.

Gorgeous girls were everywhere and here I was, with two of my best friends and three cracking Chelsea escorts. Throughout the night the girls danced on us, fetched our drinks and made the night very fun indeed.

After a few hours the night was coming to an end so we decided to get a taxi back to the hotels; the girls seemed up for it. We took them back and entered the Four Seasons Hotel, it turns out we had booked some of the best rooms in there and when we arrived it simply took my breath away at how gorgeous this hotel was. I felt like a celebrity!

bar in project

Returning to our Hotel with the Sexiest Escorts Chelsea Could Provide

We went in to my room together and had a few drinks as a group. It seemed that Alicia had taken a liking to me anyway so we retreated back to my room alone and got to know each other a little more. After a few minutes she leans over and kisses me, things were about to get heated.

By the end of the night all I’m going to say is that I received the most erotic experience of my life, it was like I was the porn star and she was mine and only mine for the night. Alicia was very passionate and seemed to be having as much fun as I was.

If you ever book one of the escorts Chelsea has to offer, I’d definitely have to recommend getting to know them first before going back to a room somewhere; this way you’re both much more comfortable with each other and you’ll have way more fun.

The next day I regrouped with my friends and the other girls, it seemed one of my friends had fallen asleep and the other had managed to receive a duo booking all by himself! What a lucky fella!

We parted ways from the girls and started speaking about the night, my friend that had fallen asleep was devastated that he hadn’t managed to follow through on it, it turns out that he was the guy that booked them in the first place!


I’ll DEFINITELY be Booking with Supreme Angels Again!

This whole experience was incredible and if I’m going to be honest, I think I’ll be booking Alicia again in future. She was one of the most exquisite women I have met to date and I still remember that night fondly.

If you’re ever going to book with an escort agency in Chelsea, London, I wouldn’t go with any other than Supreme Angels, where I met these three wonderful ladies!

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