My First Tantric Experience

1471603126_staff_535_57b6e1b69d433_tnWhen I finally got the guts to have my first tantric massage London I think I was going through some kind of crisis. Not only had I just gotten a divorce and was looking for some thrills but I was honestly upset that I wasn’t constantly having the wonderful orgasms everyone out there kept assuring me I could be having. I had been married for a long time and while the sex was nice it was definitely not amazing ever. Maybe after we’d had a few rinks in the beginning but I just thought that’s how sex should be… a bit boring honestly. Maybe that kinky stuff and the great big orgasms were just a myth and not for proper married people. Well, I suddenly wasn’t married anymore and my body craved sex but I wanted to first figure out if it was just me and if tantric massages could help me with that.

The massage began, I think, the moment that I clicked on the ‘accept’ button for my booking. I had been going around this for days and suddenly it was like the entire world was turned on its head. What would my friends say if they knew of this? What about my ex? That was kind of an exciting thought, honestly… I wanted my ex to know that I was going to be doing something so intimate that he would blush to even think of it. Then I waited until the masseuse came and before I knew it I was opening the door to a gorgeous, tall, caramel skinned woman who was smiling at me in a way I would only dream of a woman smiling at me. I got comfortable in her presence as she helped me get ready for the massage I admitted that I wasn’t sure what to expect and I wanted to see if having orgasms like I’ve seen on others in movies and even porn was possible. She laughed and told me not to worry about it and the massage began. Long story short… it was amazing and I got so much more out of it than I had originally hoped. Is pleasure beyond measure possible? Yes, very much and tantric massages taught me that.

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