My Experience with London Hotties Melissa

londonhottiesFor a while now I’ve been really intrigued by the idea of hiring an escort. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that socially awkward guy that can’t talk to girls. I am just excited by the idea of trying something new and different. However talking to my mates about it, they made me out to be a creep for even entertaining the idea. Online forums such as Reddit were helpful, but again the sites are filled with judgemental people trying to put you off the idea. When scrolling through Google I found a website called Blog Bullet which had a blog explaining why escort directories are the best way for first time escort users.

Finding The Escort For Me

The gorgeous lady I decided on was Melissa. She was stunning on her pictures and her bio really caught my attention. London Hotties directory showed me that she was an escort who worked for Minx Massage escort agency. The site gave me all the contact detailsminx massage logo I needed to get in touch with Minx Massage. I rang the number provided and the team working at Minx were very friendly. It only took a few minutes to make the booking over the phone and I had a few questions answered.

The date was for the weekend. I had booked Melissa for 2 hours because I wanted to spend some time getting to know her a little better before we had sex. I was in a real debate about whether to take Melissa for a quick bite to eat and bring her to my free house, or enjoy her company at a hotel and use the hotel bar or room service. I decided I’d book a hotel room for Saturday night. I then contacted Melissa to explain my plans and she sounded really excited.

The Date with London Hotties Melissa

Saturday came about. I was really excited as the clock ticked down to 8 o’clock which was our meeting time. I can”t lie, I was also really nervous and had butterflies. I arrived at the hotel 20 minutes early and checked in at reception. I went up to the room and it was lovely. A massive double bed, television and complimentary bottle of champagne really impressed me. Then a knock at the door, Melissa was 5 minutes early. I opened the door and a stunning girl was stood in front of me. In a sexy red dress and stockings I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she walked into the room. Her boobs and bum had my blood pumping and I needed a quick sit down.

I cracked opmelissaen the champagne and me and Melissa started talking. She was a very charming and interesting girl. She told me she could speak three languages and mentioned where she was from. I had an idea she was from Brazil because of her stunning figure and sun kissed skin. Melissa really put me at ease as the conservation flowed. Don’t get me wrong I knew she was with me because I had paid for her time but she made me feel really interesting like I was special. An hour was up in an instant. Well they say time flys when your having fun and it certainly does.

After noticing the time, Melissa started to kiss me. The kiss was nice as we started to undress each other. I don’t want to go into every little detail about what we then got up to but WOW what happened that night I’ll never forget. Melissa had skills and taught me so much. The night was better than I could have ever imagined and I can only thank Melissa for that. After I had finished, Melissa didn’t just take the money and run. She stayed for a little bit as we talked. Melissa is a special girl and when she did eventually leave I was just sat on the bed with mixed emotions. I was over the moon with how the night had planned out, but I was gutted that she had gone. She was perfect.

A week later and I’m still thinking about that night. I’ve had a few girlfriends but none of them made me feel as special as I did last Saturday. I am now thinking about using London Hotties again. I just don’t know whether to see the amazing Melissa again or continue with experiencing new things. I have no doubt in my mind that hiring an escort was an eye-opening experience, that has only been beneficial to me. I can only recommend hiring an escort and using London Hotties. To the people who have never actually spent time with an escort, but have a strong opinion against the industry, I honestly would say try it out before you criticise.

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