Losing Winter Weight

Are you planning on doing your usual pound-shedding regime so that you’re in optimal shape by the time we’ve moved from summer to spring and we find ourselves in sunnier climes, frolicking amid tropical waves with nothing but a pair of Speedos covering our modesty? You’re far from alone in wanting to be in the best possible shape for such an eventuality. Of course, appearance isn’t everything – in fact, its a superficial attribute. But there are reasons beyond vanity for wanting to be in good condition. There’s health, self-respect and the easy confidence that can come from being at the appropriate weight for your build. Good shape doesn’t mean getting jacked up on steroids and looking like some muscle-bound hag staggering out of a club in Vauxhall at five in the morning. It means just gently easing oneself out of the bad habits that accrue around Christmas time and which can still be in place during April. Now’s the perfect time to break them and replace them with some good ones. Gay massage, or a similarly luxurious treatment, makes for the ideal complement to a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to have rewards in place to keep you going.

The Best Way to Lose Some Pounds?

There’s an almost innumerable array of options for us to peruse when we’re deciding how to shift some of the weight that may have worked its way towards the centre of our bodies during the colder months. And, of course, there’s the option of doing nothing at all and joining the body-positive movement, celebrating yourself exactly as you are instead of conforming to annoying and rigorous standards of beauty and fitness. But if you’re not in that camp, then you’ll be flicking through the choices and wondering which one to go for. For some, only the incredible demands of a ten-day water-fast will do. This is exactly what it says on the tin. For ten days, you consume nothing but water. The fat simply vanishes – some of it travelling to your internal organs, to give them protection as the body begins to realise that it isn’t being nourished. It’s advisable only to go for this feat if a) you’ve done two- or three-day water-fasts in the past and b) you’ve read up on it properly and made sure you have no pre-existing conditions which make it an unwise endeavour.

How About Tracking Your Weight

If you’re going for something a little less shocking, you could do worse than to opt for the tried-and-tested calorie-reduction approach. Use an app like MyFitnessPal to keep a track of your incoming calories from food and your outgoing calories from exercise, making sure you come in every day at, say, 1500, to ensure you’re ending up with a deficit. And don’t forget that gay massage in London can help you stay focussed on these goals, giving you a much-needed psychological lift that once would have been provided by chocolate or puddings.

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