Etiquette with London Escorts

When you want to book yourself one of the high class escorts in London you expect the companion who turns up to be something special. When you spend the time to find a girl that truly blows you away and decide to spend your money with an agency such as Carmens Secrets you know that what you have booked is going to be something special. You would be disappointed if you were on a date with anything but the best but what many clients are unaware of is that there is an etiquette expected of themselves as well.

A high class escort is one of the most beautiful and delightful women you will ever have the chance of meeting so it seems natural that there is a certain amount of decorum involved in the date with such an exclusive escort. From the time when you book to actually sitting down with and enjoying your experience there are several rules you should follow.

For starters and usually one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not knowing enough about the escort you are looking to book. Do not ask to take your escort to a museum if it says that the girl you are booking is a party girl. Having a back-up choice is also great if your first choice is not available, this means that you will have knowledge of this escort as well and not be sold a girl that does not meet your needs.

The second and probably most important rule is to dress the part. If you want to go to dinner at a top class restaurant with an elegant woman then all often men do not groom and dress appropriately before their date. After all if you were to take out a model that was one of the best looking girls in the city out then you would not under dress.

Thirdly and above all we recommend that you relax. There is one sure way to kill the mood on a date and that is by becoming uptight and struggling through. Confidence is one of the most attractive traits a man can have so be bold and take charge.

These are simply a few tips to make your date with a London escort that little bit more pleasurable. We hope we can help a little to ensure that you enjoy yourself to the fullest potential.

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