Living Life to It’s Full Potential With a Massage From Love Tantric

It seems one common thing about working is that everyone seems to hate it. Or at least most people I know view work as a thing they have to do in thumbnail (2)

order to enjoy the good things they have in their lives. Whether it is hobbies or shopping work is the key to open the door for pleasure to come in. Or so they say. The truth i

s 99% of us hate doing our jobs. I know I did. I got to the office every day dreading what would be in my inbox and just hoping I could get buy doing the minimal necessary to just go home. That’s where my head was at… the goal: getting home.

thumbnail (1)Now things are different. I started booking tantric massages from London Tantric a couple of months ago on a whim. I was stressed and ready to give up on everything and just needed a break. Thankfully I didn’t need much planning to get a massage in my own place a while before heading to bed. I just went to the website and found a very attractive woman who later showed up at my door and took me to unexplored heights of pleasure. To say it
was a good time is an understatement.
The funny thing is, after a couple of massages, I began to notice a change in my overall attitude. Applying some of the techniques I learned by knowing myself and breathing I was suddenly not dreading work anymore but coming into it more assertively and happily. I just let it all flow, the energy around me and people started noticing how much more at peace and happy I looked. They also commented on my skin thanks to the oil treatments I was receiving. In truth the lessons I was learning from my masseuse were starting to bleed into my everyday life. I even began to feel more confident in myself around other women and started seeing them as much more than what I’d been taught about them my entire life. So yes, of course tantric massages are about exploring our sexualities and our understanding of pleasure but there’s a lot of our everyday life that can benefit from spending 90 minutes at the mercy of someone else who’s just basically teaching you how to experience life, be it sexually or not, to it’s fullest potential.

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