Getting to Know your Masseuse

Who is this woman that comes over and spends an hour (or more) of her time giving you a piece of herself and opening herself up to you in every way 1452972753_staff_92_569a9ad1bf2cbpossible? She can make you feel weak at the knees with one look from her exotic eyes and the smell of her hair has an incredible power over you. She seems funny and kind and yet you seem to only be able to make small talk with her. Part of you will wonder why you can’t simply become her friend and the truth is… you can.

Asking your masseuse out for a nice dinner to get to know her better is nothing you should be ashamed of. It’s only natural you become interested in her life and her personality after a while. You might be surprised most of these women are intelligent and funny too! They love to be wined and dined and be a nice boost to your self-esteem to be seen around someone so beautiful. Conversation will deepen the bond between you two and that can be used in your favor in later sessions. The truth is the deeper you know each other as people the deeper your sessions will go. Remember that Tantra has everything to do with trust and understanding. As you have a lovely time with your masseuse remember that any kind of physical contact with her should be approved by her first, but don’t worry, she’ll surely love it as much as you do.

Having someone to talk to is important and to have that person already know you at your most vulnerable is actually a relief. There’s no need for awkward ice breakers or introductions with Guilty Pleasures, you two already know each other and you’re just going to deepen that bond. You’ll see how the moment you two have another session getting to know her and treating her well will probably result in a session that’s more incredible than what you thought possible before.

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