Escort Etiquette – Meeting and Greeting

Unless you have previously spent some quality time in the company of a beautiful Park Lane Angels London escort you are bound to feel a little nervous and apprehensive about meeting and greeting her for the first time.


Meeting And Greeting

After much thought and careful consideration you have finally plucked up the courage to book an appointment with an attractive elite London escort. You’ve made arrangements to meet in the bar of a luxurious and prestigious central London hotel.

To avoid an embarrassing introduction, and to create a positive first impression, simply follow the guidelines below:




As the stunning high class London escort approaches you smile warmly and make eye contact. Smiling builds rapport and helps you break the ice. Your primary objective, when meeting and greeting your elite escort companion, is getting her to like you and trust you. Smiling sincerely shows that you are a friendly and approachable person. It also tells her that you are not threatening.

Make eye contact and mirror the movements your classy elite escort makes. Social mirroring builds rapport because it communicates that you are open to making a connection.

Avoid The Handshake

Avoid greeting her by grabbing her hand and offering a professional business style handshake. Not only does this look awkward, it also does very little to make you both feel relaxed. The handshake also signals some form of negotiation, transaction or business between two people who don’t really know each other.

If you feel confident, and she looks comfortable, you can give her a brief friendly hug. Say something simple like “Hi, how are you?” and allow your smile to do the majority of the introduction work.

A small hug will give other people the impression that you know each other, which in turn will make you both feel more relaxed in your social surroundings. A light touch on her arm will also convey friendliness and camaraderie.

Keep It Discreet

When you introduce yourself keep your voice soft and your tone neutral. Do not bellow out your name, and hers, in an over enthusiastic manner. You do not want to draw attention so keep it short and sweet. You can give your high class London escort a proper introduction once you are alone in your hotel room.

When making the payment make sure you do so in a discrete manner. The payment should be placed inside an envelope and handed to the elite escort within the first five minutes of meeting.

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