Don’t be Wasteful

Not being wasteful is something we all try to do. It’s very important to be careful how we spend our money and to also take this initiative to other 1470954939_staff_140_57acfdbb9a83aparts of our lives. We try not to waste our food and we are leaning toward a more ecological and self-aware way of life by recycling and reusing things. It’s a wonderful idea that keeps our world happy… but what about not being wasteful with our energy? The thought may never cross your mind that you can even be wasteful with your energy but it seems that by the amount of people who are tired and who can’t wait to fall asleep and yet only get few hours of sleep every night that we actually don’t manage our time as well as we should. It’s very telling that we’re more concerned about balancing our check book than managing out energy… but then again our bank accounts can run dry but we can always push some more energy out. However, if we could just learn to balance our energy as well as we try to balance our finances then our lives would greatly improve.

There is no big secret to managing our energy, no need to have a million agendas, a thousand planners and time tables… in fact, many of these things actually drain our energy more than manage it. What you need is to be conscious of said energy and how to hone it. The managing or correct use of energy is something we all are born with but we forget how to do. So, we must turn to something to help us remember… Tantric arts. Contrary to popular believe, tantric massages are not just about sexual need or even about deprivation. Tantric massages and Tantra in general are about learning how to manage our energy correctly, learning when it’s time to hold on and when it’s time to let go. Through tantric massages from agencies like Minx Massage, you are as much learning as you are enjoying; learning how to control your energetic needs, how to be the master of your thoughts and actions so you know when to spend the energy and when to hang on. By mastering this, just like with our check book, our energy starts to last efficiently and we are able to spend it right as we need it.

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