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If you have stumbled across this blog then you are surely thinking about what it would be like to take part and experience couple escorts in London.

At Couple VIP they have the finest couple escorts in London , and I will discuss and go through why people may want to have a night in or out with a London Couple Escort, and of course why its the best escorting service out there, with helpful recommendations from our couple escorts on what’s best to do in London when on a night out.

Our Couple Escorts in London

At Couple VIP we wouldn’t be doing our job right if we didn’t have a wonderful collection of Couple escorts from London and with our Gallery page you’re able to see each and every one of them in all their glory.

With plenty of difference to choose from all of our couple escorts are unique and are of different shapes and sizes, all to ensure we are the provide of your dream London Couple escorts. Make sure you have a look at their FAQ page in case there are any question you have that can be answered on their site.

Why 2 is better than 1

Of course for many reasons you can see for yourself why two will be better than one and in some cases why one is better than two, but for this blog I will focus on why you will want a London couple escorts instead of your usual one.

More Fun for Bisexuals – As you can tell this service of escorting is perfect for bisexuals all across London, and allows each and every one of them to experience an escorting service they have never tried before, it opens up the ability to meet both sexes and have a wonderful time no matter what you decide to do.

Bisexual Friendly Service – Like the previous point this service is highly popular to Bisexual clients, this is because it’s a service where they are able to experience what they wish with both sexes, this can be quite hard to find when looking elsewhere so Couple VIP is where they can find there desired London Couple escorts.

Perfect for Dinner Dates – When out in the heart of London, many of us enjoy dining our in one of London’s finest restaurants, and how else can you do this when with a Couple escort from London. Couples that are already looking for escorts can join with their chosen couple and the four of them can enjoy a delightful and dinner before testing out the various hotels.

Hotel Recommendation for Couple Escorts

Of course not every hotel in London will be able to make up for all your needs when you’re booking a London couple escort, so I have taken the time to give a recommendation for my personal favourite hotel to stay in when I’m with a pair of gorgeous escorts.

That hotel has to be the London Marriott Hotel County Hall, this is a large and grand hotel with character flowing through it like a river. It is an elegant hotel but more importantly holds all the need for you and your Couple London escorts.

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