A message from the wonderful escort Amina

Hi my name is Christina and I am a 25-year-old brunette living here in London, I am European and came to London to study, I liked London so much that I decided to stay. London started off as my school but has now evolved into being my home, I have found a beautiful apartment in Ladbroke Grove – a very funky part of London just by Bayswater and Notting Hill. I have made a great deal of friends here in London and a finding it a great place to live, my family often wonder how I can afford to live in such an expensive city, I tell them that I work for an agency doing various office jobs, that is sort of the truth but what I really do is work as an escort. Yes my dears that is my job, I am a escort in London. People can book my time for either incalls (these happen at my place) or outcalls (me visiting them). I work as a self-employed person for a few very high-end agencies, these guys take care of my dairy, and many people say that the escorts work for the agency where as in reality the agencies work for us. One of the escort agencies that you will find my profile on is Dior Escorts. My hourly rates start at £200 and you can spend as much time as you want with me, once you get to know me you will learn that I am pretty open minded and pretty much anything goes. I am happy to do what ever as long as I feel safe and comfortable – oh yes and as long as you are clean! Being clean is very important; you wouldn’t want me smelling would you?

Being an escort has allowed my to really extend my horizons, I travel a great deal – I have been to Spain, American and New Zealand. I dine in some of the best restaurants in London and I only drink champagne – of course it has to be pink and very cold, served in the best crystal glasses. Many of the ladies that I work alongside are very friendly, you will always see a face that you know when you are coming and going from an hotel. Most of the escort agencies owners are very friendly, once again Dior Escorts comes in top of the class for this, the guy _ James, is always about in London and is always taking us girls out for lunch, he is not like the other owners and has a lot of style about him.

I will continue to work as an escort for the next few years, I will then return home and buy a very big house; houses are not as expensive in my country as they are here in the UK. I will tell my family that I married a very rich man and that he gave me all this money, this will throw them off the track for a while.

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