A few things to do in Canary Wharf

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Canary Wharf clocks

Canary Wharf is a stellar example of one of the more beautiful urban areas in Britain. With some gorgeous looking skyscrapers and fascinating modern art exhibits, it’s really a great place for tourists and native citizens alike. This article is written to provide you with a brief overview of the many activities you can get up to with a day in one of the biggest business districts in London.

Visit one of the many art exhibitions

Canary Wharf art

It’s not surprising to see so many events based around Canary Wharf, it’s a big hit with England’s tourism industry. If you’re planning a trip to the Wharf, make sure to check for any running art shows or just arrange a nice walk around the countless cool statues and sculptures dotted around the area.

Go to the Everyman cinema 

Everyman cinema

Not just your average cinema, Everyman is going to the movies with class. With exquisite fancy seating, a restaurant and wine coolers; this is a take on cinema that I can get behind. It’s a completely different experience. They even have a restaurant to order from with your film!

Go out for a meal

There’s plenty of lavish establishments to choose from like: Plateau, Protein Haus or Big Easy. Take your pick, if you can afford it you can even book a table somewhere with a Michelin-star! This is the best way to impress one of your Canary Wharf escorts!

Top Pick- Get shopping

While all of the above ideas are fair play, the main reason to go to Canary Wharf is to put a dent in your wallet. It’s a shopping district filled with over 300 boutiques, designer stores and marketplaces. Going to the Wharf without shopping is like snow without ice. It’s just unthinkable. Pretty much anything you want to buy can be found here.

Take a nighttime walk


It’s a gorgeous location, and taking a walk along the seafront at night is a must. Don’t forget to take a look at the stunning Wintergarden. It’s a stunning venue with amazing architecture. It’s breath-taking to see in the evening with all the lights.

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